Reveye Systems

Most project managers hold your feet to the fire….     
we hold your hand.

Help with complex projects and their systems.

We help organizations create unique methodologies that fit their own reality.

Reveye means awake or aware in Creole, and combined with Systems means we help our clients be aware of the systems that limit them.

What limits your project’s success?

We love what we do.
How we do it.


bring calm to chaotic projects

Turn teams towards each other instead of away.
Decide together what project success looks like.
Help projects hit the mark.


manage complex projects

Fix problems by learning the real problem.
Understanding what needs to be done and if it can be done, then make it happen.


create virtual project-centric spaces

Visibility around too many projects, too little time and too few people.
The right projects, at the right time, with the right team.


training for Project Coordinators and Analysts

Ongoing support. mentorship and guidance for coordinators, analysts and new project managers.
Using best practices from the Project Management Institute (PMI) and lessons learned from seasoned project leaders.

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